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Yellowstone Buffalo
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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I know how I started down the rabbit hole.  It was because of this video:
What Kind of Asian Are You?  Hilarious. 
I'm pretty sure I've been asked the same series of questions, "Where are you from?" and/or "Where are your people from?"  My response that I was born in Pocatello, Idaho never stops the questions.  So to narrow it down the next question will be "Where are your parents from?".  Well both of my parents are from the Treasure Valley in Idaho.  So "Where are their parents from?"  I think out in the Midwest.  I remember grandma saying Missouruh and not Missouree.  Does that help?  

To stop the drilling questions I sum it up quickly, I'm adopted and the most I know is that my parents were migrant workers in Idaho.  "You struck oil! Race questions are over! Yay!"  My sister was also given the same series of questions however she was actually born in another country so they may have ended sooner in her case. "I was born in India. Now fuck off."  I remember family would talk about color blindness.  I also remember being referred to as a coconut in college (brown on the outside and white on the inside).  My partner once told me that he thought I was white.  Needless to say my questions and heart rate began to rise.  What does that mean when you say I'm white? Why do you get to define what it means to be Black, White, or Mexican American?  Would you say the same thing to my sister?  He said no of course not.  Of course not! We grew up in the same household, asshole! He said he would do his best to remember what I have asked and to think some of this through.  Thank you, that's all that I ask! 

Why We Need to Talk about Race in Adoption: This is a really interesting article and it speaks to my sister and I growing up in Kuna and Meridian, Idaho.

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