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Yellowstone Buffalo
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

An Unexpected Pantry


Nerdist Podcast 353 with W. Kamau Bell
I like W. Kamau Bell's show Totally Bias.  He has made it a show that gives marginalized groups representation on a tv.  Thank you, W. Kamau Bell!  I didn't finish listening to the interview.

Nerdist Podcast 259 with Anna Kendrick
Took me a while to remember who the hell is Anna Kendrick.  I still had no idea who she was even after they mentioned she was in Twilight.  She sounded super hip, level headed, and in my mind I kept thinking I would hear Twilight Zone because that would be super cool and hip. Also in my mind I started to wonder if maybe kids these days are just saying Twilight and not adding the Zone for a shortened slang.   Eh no.  After they mentioned she was nominated for an Oscar then I remembered she was in that movie once with George Clooney where he traveled around a lot. You know what movie I'm talking about.  Also they aren't saying Twilight Zone because it is Twilight. Groan.  So I haven't finished listening to the interview.


Let's Explore Owls with Diabetes.   I love David Sedaris.  In fact this maybe on my reading list for awhile.  I savor every word and will drag this book around for months in my bag.  I always envision that David and I are friends when I read his books.  It's especially wonderful when he pulls in a story about Amy his sister.  Then we are family.  



Frankly, I fell in love with Bilbo Baggins's pantry in the first part of the movie.  It's a walk in pantry and he had all sorts of shelving and storage.  If I ever get a chance to build my own pantry I'll have the architect check out The Hobbit. 

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